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Veinscure Powder for Varicose veins and Spider veins

Veinscure powder unblocks the veins, relieves pain in the body from closed nerves. Helps in curing varicose veins, heart attack, and blocked veins.

See Video English : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsFBtonja8Q

See Video Hindi : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfdT4wNpxg0

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₹ 300.00
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Veinscure powder, made by Rudraksh Sales and Marketing, is made entirely by Ayurvedic and natural herbs. Therefore, there is no side effect due to its use. And no additional supplements have been added to it.

Varicose Veins are the major cause of heart problems in the veins. Actually, it happens that due to poor diet and non-exercise and sedentary lifestyle, the blood flowing in the veins of the body becomes thick, due to which blockage and swelling in the veins occur. This condition occurs due to increased pressure in the veins, due to which the blue veins appear bulging under the skin of any part of your body, especially the legs.

Veinscure powder blocks the veins. Relieves pain in the body from closed nerves. Strengthens the veins by removing the weakness of the nerves. A closed nose reduces swelling in the extremities. This powder cleans the veins completely so that there is no obstruction of blood flow. The possibility of heart attack decreases greatly as the veins open.

If someone takes 1 pack of Veinscure Powder once every 2 months, Then there is a 99% chances that veins in the body will not block and relief in heart attack & paralysis.

See Video English : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsFBtonja8Q

See Video Hindi : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfdT4wNpxg0

Benefits of Veinscure Powder -

  • Veinscure powder unblocks the veins.
  • Relieves pain in the body from closed nerves.
  • A closed nose reduces swelling in the extremities.
  • The possibility of Heartattack decreases greatly as the veins open.
  • Regular consumption of this powder does not cause paralysis.

वेन्सक्योर  पाउडर  के लाभ -

  • वेन्सक्योर पावडर ब्लॉक नसों को खोलता है।
  • बंद नसों से शरीर में होने वाले दर्द से राहत देता है। 
  • बंद नसो से हाथ पैर में रहने वाली सूजन को कम करता है।
  • नसों के खुल जाने से हार्टटेक की सम्भावना बहुत कम हो जाती है। 
  • इस पावडर के नियमित सेवन से लकवा नहीं आता। 

Shatapushpa, Badrapatri, Tvak, Khandsharkara, Gandhajatam, Vrittakaarkatti, Klresta, Aushanashaundi

सतपुस्पा, भद्रपत्री, त्वक, खंडसरक्रा, गंधाजातम, वृत्तकारकत्ति, क्लेरेस्टा, औषणशौंदी

  • Take 5 grams of powder (1 tbsp) with lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Take as directed by the doctor.
  • Do not eat anything until 1 hour after taking the medicine.
  • Do not consume tea for 2 hours after taking the medicine.

  • 5 ग्राम पाउडर (1 टेबल स्पून) सुबह खाली पेट गुनगुने गर्म पानी के साथ लें। 
  • चिकित्सक के निर्देशानुसार लें। 
  • दवा लेने के 1 घंटे बाद तक कुछ भी न खाएं।
  • दवा लेने के बाद 2 घंटे तक चाय का सेवन न करे। 
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