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Sugar Forte PDR-Natural ayurvedic treatment for diabetics

Sugar Forte PDR is a powder form medicine for Diabetics patients, it helps in increasing metabolism, it is a vitamin rich medicine. Made with 100% ayurvedic process and comes with no side effects and added supplements.    

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₹ 240.00
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Sugar Forte PDR is a power ful remedy for Diabetic, it is suggested to be taken with Sugar Forte Syrup for more better and faster results. Sugar Forte PDR and Syrup both helps you in overcoming by diabetics issues.

If you are taking insulin. We can assure you the it will be redused to 50% if you take Sugar Forte Kit regularly, and follow the diet.

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1. Controls Blood sugar.
2. Helps is controling diabetics.
3. Helps in reducing insulin.
4. Rich tonic for Vitamin, minerals and zinc.
5. 100% Ayurvedic with no side effects(if taken as guided).
6. Helps in increasing metabolism.
Tej Patta 4gm, Bel Patra 3gm, Pipal 4gm, Mango Leaves 4gm, Guava leaves 4gm, Tulsi Patra 4gm, Kari Pata 4gm, Dhania Patra 5gm, Amla 6gm, Harad 4gm, Baheda 4gm, Pasanbhed 3gm, Sadabhar 3gm, Jamun 3gm, Karela 4gm, Neem 5gm, Wheat Grass 4gm, Imli 3gm. 

  • Take 5gms Sugar Forte Powder twice a day with water before 10 min of meal.
  • Or as directed by the physician.