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Femin 30 Vazi-60 Grams

Femin 30 Vazi is effective in Leucorrhoea or leucorrea, vaginal discharge which is  a general problem of all women. Mostly it happend because of life style physiological and warrant no medical interventions.

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₹ 1400.00
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Femin 30 Vazi is useful in Leucorrhoea, Irregular Menses, Infertility, Painful Menses, Anemic issue, Waist Pain, Stomach Pain, Stomach Swelling, Hunger Problem, Reducing weight, Headache, Blood Pressure, Irritability, Female reproduction, Spinal erosion etc.,

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  • Relief from white discharge.
  • Regularizes menses.
  • No harm for any age group.
  • Helpful in infertility
  • 100% Ayurvedic.
  • No Side effects. 
Coconut coir Ash, Ceylon Ironwood, Pure Black Sulfide of Mercury, Saraca Asoca Bark powder
  • Take 3gms Femin-30 Vazi with Butter milk thrice a day before meal.
  • Or as directed by the physician.
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